How Do Mobile Column Lifts Work

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The professionals at SEFAC know that safety is not just another cliche to throw around; instead, it is ingrained in our culture and designed into everything we do.

SEFAC mobile lifts exceed the industry standards for safety, redundant systems add even greater security to their well-crafted design.

Their wireless lifts feature mechanical ball-screw lifting mechanisms.

Ball-screws get recognition as the premier design for mobile column lifts.

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Close up scene of lead ball screw parts of machining center assembly with the ball bearing in the light blue scene. The CNC milling machine parts manufacturing process.

They are clean, quiet, and they are efficient.

They minimize power requirements and virtually eliminate wear.

They operate as a constant and uniform speed regardless of load.

This well-known characteristic produced by their mechanical drives keeps all of the columns working in natural unison, and backup leveling controls give the lifts added safety.

Brakes are used on SEFAC mobile lifts to hold raised vehicles in place.




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3D rendering of brake disk

They work by locking the column’s drive-trains, preventing them from lowering.

The design keeps the load supported by the ball-screw rather than transferring it to pivoting locks as done in other models.

The SEFAC design is substantially safer and produces far less wear.




While pivoting locks get subjected to the entire weight of the vehicle each lifting cycle, SEFAC brakes require only 20 pounds of pressure to sustain even the most massive load.

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Unlike others, SEFAC does not use pivoting locks that get subjected to the entire weight of the vehicle each lifting cycle.

Ratchet locks provide backup to the brakes.






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Backup Safety Brake

The locks always remain engaged unless power is applied to raise or lower the lifts.

Their patented proprietary design controls SEFAC wireless mobile lifts.

They shield the lifting system from external interference while giving the operator considerable flexibility and high safety.


The lifts can be operated by pendant only, giving the operator freedom to stand at a safe distance while vehicles are raised or lowered.

With the SEFAC pendants, the lifts can operate from any column.

A touchscreen on each column enables the operator to set parameters for maximum lift height lifting speed and operating method; it also displays the weight of the load on each column, it’s real-time lift height and system diagnostics.

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Each SEFAC mobile column is static tested at 150% of rated capacity.

To learn about SEFAC mobile column lifts or if you want a quote, please call us at 717-795-8407.

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